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Who Am I?

I'm an award-winning software engineer and people leader who values making a difference. I believe in building great software and building great teams where everyone has a voice. We grow better together.

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I'm a senior engineer with over 20 years of experience building software for the web. I've worked for clients like Time, People Magazine, Major League Baseball, and Food Network. I don't just work with big companies, however. The majority of my work for the past 12 years has been within the start-up space. From the early phases through rapid growth and transition, I understand the unique problems start-ups face and have real-world experience tackling them time and time again.

To succeed in today's market, it's not enough to just have engineers who write great code. I'm a big-picture thinker who can understand and navigate the whole, complex system. This means building and leading great teams, understanding business needs and market demand, coordinating cross-functionally with stakeholders, clients, and investors, and so much more. I'm more than a software engineer. I'm a systems engineer who is adpet at building software.

I am a higly values-driven person and believe that in order to be our best selves at work, we must work in an environment that aligns and supports those values. For me, this means honesty, integrity, accountability, diversity, inclusion, and a true willingness to continue to learn and grow. I believe in growing together and finding strength in our similarities, and insight from our differences. Above all, do what's right and take care of one another.

Values-Driven Leader

Leading others through creating a positive, supportive environment.

Systems Thinker

Delivering real business impact through a holistic approach to work.

Seasoned Engineer

Over 20 years of experience, over 12 of which has been working with start-ups.

Want to Work Together?

I provide mentoring and coaching services, as well as direct consulting for engineering teams, non-technical founders, and new start-ups.

Coaching Consulting

Professional Life Coach

I'm a Certified Professional Life Coach

Certified Scrum Master

I'm a ScrumAllianceâ„¢ member and Certified Scrum Masterâ„¢

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