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I help media companies reach larger audiences

About Me

I'm a full-stack developer with a passion for building future-friendly, highly accessible applications.

From planning to engineering to infrastructure, I work with media publishers and producers to develop robust systems for cross-platform content distribution and social engagement. Together we grow reach, interaction, and loyalty across the ever-growing ecosystem of internet-connected platforms and devices.

Award Winning

Over 16 Years of Experience

Favorite Stack

I work with a variety of web technologies. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Ubuntu
  • AWS
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Postgress
  • Node
  • Ember
  • Redis
  • Nginx
  • jQuery
  • SASS
  • CoffeeScript

Lead Developer, StickyAlbums

StickyAlbums helps photographers book more clients by providing them with intuitive, WYSIWYG software to create mobile photo albums, in turn providing them with powerful marketing tools to drive sharing and engagement, resulting in increased referrals and sales and a great end product for their customers.

Time Inc. Redesign

In 2013-2014, I teamed up with the talented designers and developers at Global Moxie to take part in the redesign of the Time Inc corporate site, where I took on the role of JavaScript developer. The media-rich site showcases Time's extensive offerings across an array of platforms and media streams around the globe.

The Image Group

Providing professional photography services for their cruise line partners, I teamed up with Image to develop and implement their digital rights management system for managing shipboard and post-cruise purchases of photo content on CDs and other digital offerings.

The Nitch Podcast

Listen in as Jonathan Stark and I discuss how to keep your brand connected to the digital ecosystem with apps that run on all platforms using open web standards. New Episodes are published each Friday.

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SquishTo is a Paperclip library for ocmpressing JPEG images to at or below a specified filesize while maintaining a smuch image quality as possible.

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Icecream is a tiny web app that creates color palettes, histograms, and Adobe compatible swatch files via image color analysis.

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Feathers is a minimalist CSS reset and boilerplate with optional rules that can be 'layered in' to apply sensible defaults to common widgets, such as navigation, forms, buttons, and menus.

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A small web app designed to help track daily meditations.

Find Your Inner Peace

Hue Panel

A simple control panel for the Phillips Hue lighting system written in Meteor JS.

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I occasionally write stuff about things. Sometimes it's even interesting.

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